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All About Curry – Hakka Hut

All About Curry

You already know Saffron has the best Indian Food in Vancouver and you probably know that many of your favorite dishes at Saffron are often stewed in sauces called Curries.

But what exactly is a Curry?

For most Indian Traditional Food chefs, curries are personal recipes for a curry sauce including between five and thirty spices. But in reality, the word itself probably only means a dish of meat, fish, or veggies served in or with a sauce. Generally, most curries are served over rice and with bread.

Functionally, the truth probably lies somewhere in between, but a curry can certainly refer to both the sauce and the dish as well. Some people insist that Curry originally just meant food while others suggest that it came from the Tamil word kari which means spiced sauce.

Curry really became the phenomena it is today because of the unique intersection created by the British spice trade and the colonization of India. As the British brought hot peppers to combine with traditional Indian spices, Traditional Indian Cuisine chefs started to create the toasted spice sauces we have all come to know and love. But curry didn’t only develop in India but also was developed in Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

Obviously, many curry recipes are carefully guarded and handed down from family member to family member across generations. Turmeric (which often provides the yellow look of most curries), Tumeric, and Cumin are often at the heart of most “curry powders” (collection of toasted, ground, and aged spices that form the flavor base of sauces) and are often combined with dried hot chilies.

Curries at Saffron, your place for the Best Indian Food in Cambridge

Curry spices are often specific to a particular place and time, so different curries often refer to particular dishes, created in a particular place, and with its own unique flavor profile. And you can find unique curries all over Asia. In addition to India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka you find curries in Burma, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. In addition, curries developed all over the world in any of the areas where trade and two-way cultural exchanges took place (many people consider Curry the national dish of the United Kingdom for example).

At Saffron we always start the story of our recipes from Indian Traditional Food and from our family recipes and histories. The work Saffron itself refers to the vehicles we use to take our most important family journey (marriage). Saffron offers a diverse array of Curry dishes from our Spinach Lamb Curry to our Beef Curry to a delicious list of chicken curries.

Don’t forget, whenever you are hungry for curry (or any of the many delicious specialties on our menu) that you can dine in, call ahead to order online, or call us at (519) 267-8188 for delivery.